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Pavement Milling


Our High-Grade Pavement Milling Ensures Lasting Results

Pavement milling - the process of "peeling off" existing, old asphalt - properly prepares a repaving job that's designed to last. Our pavement milling process uses the best, environmentally friendly equipment. At Morlock Asphalt Ltd, we recycle the old pavement, even while we make your new project strong and effective.

Benefits of Pavement Milling

  • A sustainable process
  • Recycling saves money and resources
  • Maintain existing curb and gutter reveals
  • Improve surface drainage
  • Less costly than total pavement replacement
  • Reuse of existing asphalt keeps it out of landfills
  • Can be repeated many times

Pavement Milling Services Customized to Fit Your Needs

Our professionals have over 10 years of asphalt experience. We provide effective pavement milling services.

Look at our work around Portage to see what we can do for you. Call us today and get your job done right.

Call us to get FREE estimates on our paving milling services.

Pavement milling is one way we can make the job potentially less costly.

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