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Patch work

First-Class Patchwork Can Help Your Pavement Last Long

Sometimes it's not necessary to replace an entire driveway. All it really needs is some patchwork to remain sturdy and flexible. Morlock Asphalt Ltd approaches every job from the ground up. We will make sure you save money now.

We're patchwork experts. We can fix up a driveway usually in few hours. A full replacement may take days while patchwork will extend the life of the existing pavement significantly. Call us to find out how we can help your driveway with quality patchwork.

Benefits of Patchwork Services

  • Patchwork preserves pavement flexibility
  • Applying patchwork takes less time
  • Patchwork is much less costly
  • Smooth transitions make patchwork invisible
  • More effective than seam filling

Call us to get FREE estimates on our patchwork services.

Often there is no need to replace a driveway when quality patchwork will do the trick. Our owner has over 20 years of experience!

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