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Thorough Excavating Is Necessary for a Strong Foundation

Paving without a proper excavation is a recipe for disaster. If the ground beneath your blacktop isn't properly compacted and installed, you'll spend more time and money on repairs than anything else.

The professionals at Morlock Asphalt Ltd lay the base for any project with the best equipment and utmost care to make sure it lasts. Building on anything less than the best foundation is dangerous. Don't start a job without the best demolition and excavation works. Get in touch with us today!

Laying the Right Foundation With Our Wide Range of Excavation Services

  • Land and dirt removal
  • Land shaping
  • Stone installation and compaction
  • Blacktop milling
  • Factory demolitions
  • Home demolitions
  • Barn demolitions
Trust our experienced professionals with your excavation needs. Our owner is present on every single job.

Call us to get FREE estimates on our excavation services.

Call us before you get started to let us help you lay the best foundation for your project with our professional excavating, demolition, and paving services. We're here to make your project last for years to come!

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